Maserati sales have gone bonkers in Australia

The Ghibli. Photo:

You’re not imagining it: there really are a lot more Maseratis on Australian roads lately.

Maserati has already posted record Australian sales in the first quarter of 2015, selling 58 vehicles in March alone.

Sales of the luxury sports car have sky-rocketed in the last 18 months from 2010’s figure of 141. Sales remained steady over the next few years until 2014 when they soared to 401.

In the five months to May, 234 new cars hit the road and total sales are projected to beat the 2014 result.

The trend is reflected across year-on-year sales for most luxury car manufacturers.

So, what is driving the increase for Maserati?

The new Ghibli sedan launched in Australia in 2014. Priced from $138,990, the redefined model of the 1967 original pushed Maserati into a new market sector competing with BMW’s 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Along with the release of the 2014 Quattroporte S for $240,000, the arrival of the new designs signalled the brand’s expansion into broader – and cheaper – marketplace.

Edward Rowe, communications lead for Maserati Australia, said both cars took Maserati into new price areas as the century-old Italian car maker looks for a tenfold increase in sales.

“This is a part of a €1.4 billion ($A2.05 billion) investment in Maserati to drive and facilitate growth to see sales on a world scale increase from 7,000 units to 75,000 units.”

He expects Australian sales to grow dramatically too.

“For the future, we hope to see a four to five-fold increase in sales. This will continue the target of 1,500 units by 2017.

“Then the next major step in growth with be the arrival of a SUV model called the Levante, which will arrive in Australia next year,” he said.

As well as more affordable prices, Rowe said increased accessibility has influenced the sales growth, with pure Maserati dealerships across Australia and New Zealand

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