Teen Accused Of Twitter Death Threats Against Judge Headed To Juvenile Court

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Photo: keiyac/Flickr

A 17-year-old who’s accused of asking his Twitter followers to kill a Maryland judge won’t be tried as an adult after another judge deemed the posts “reckless and immature.”Garrett Bailey, who will be tried in juvenile court following the judge’s ruling last week, allegedly tweeted “Who wants 1000 to kill” Judge [Herman C.] Dawson after Dawson sentenced some of Bailey’s friends, The Washington Times reported Monday.

But, according to Bailey’s public defender David Booth, the tweets were not that serious.

“He did post things on Twitter regarding Judge Dawson, but those were just words,” Booth told the Washington Times.

Not surprisingly, prosecutors disagree.

“This was a calculated thing. He wanted to terrify people,” Assistant State’s Attorney Matthew Bohrer told the Washington Times. “He got lucky no one hurt the judge or his family.”

Booth has also claimed there was no real indication Bailey would take action to have the judge murdered.

In his ruling last week that the case belonged in juvenile court, Montgomery County Judge Garey E. Bair called the tweets “reckless and immature,” according to the Washington Times.

“That’s not quite the same as an adult, in a different context, who wants to murder someone and goes out to hire someone,” Bair reportedly said.

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