Mary Meeker’s big presentation shows there’s a $25 billion opportunity in this growing area

Mary Meeker, one of the most respected Internet experts, just released her annual big slide presentation on the state of the internet.

One of the most interesting slides was about mobile ad spending. According to the chart by BI Intelligence, based on Meeker’s slides, the amount of time US consumers spent with media on mobile devices every day has jumped 4 percentage points to 24% over the past year — representing the only medium in which consumer time spent with media has grown. Yet mobile ads only accounted for 8% of total advertising spending.

That’s in stark contrast to the trend in print. Consumers spent only 4% of their daily media time reading print publications in 2014, yet marketers spent more than double the amount on print advertising than they did on mobile. BI Intelligence says this could be due to the consumers taking “shorter, more episodic sessions” on digital than on print.

Meeker argues that the imbalance between ad spending and consumer time spent on mobile devices translates to $US25 billion in potential ad spending. BI Intelligence says mobile ad spending will catch up once mobile formats, like native in-stream advertising, app install ads, and mobile video ads, continue to gain ground.


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