Mary Meeker just sounded a huge wake-up call about computer security

Mary Meeker
Mary Meeker JD Lasica/Flickr

Mary Meeker believes that computer security threats are increasing, and that companies need to focus and deal with breaches more intelligently.

Today, the long time Internet analyst, now with VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, delivered her annual Internet Trends report. This 197-slide presentation showcased what important thematic strands look out for in the vast world of the internet.

This year, she gave two slides to the issue of cyber threats. That may not seem like much, but it’s twice as much as last year: In her 2014 presentation, she offered one slide that looked at the growing number of network compromises and threat groups.

She highlighted the increased part mobile devices play in security breaches, and noted that adware has increased, meaning that people’s personal data is becoming much more ubiquitous and easier for hackers to seize.

She also pointed out who’s responsible — “>20% of breaches come directly form insiders with malicious intent” — and highlighted the need for better security professionals. In fact, almost 70% of breaches aren’t detected by the companies who suffered them, but by outsiders.

Here are the slides:

Meeker cybersecurity
Meeker cybersecurity2

In short, the woman who has been studying the internet for multiple decades is telling the industry to wake up.

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