Marvel Solves Disney's $50 Billion Boy Problem

Disney spent $4 billion on Marvel Entertainment to solve a “boy problem,” Comics Reporter editor Tom Spurgeon tells Deal Journal. Read:

DJ: What’s Disney’s motivation for acquiring Marvel?
Spurgeon: I think they have a boy need. They seem to do very well with little girls, but not so well with little boys. Especially since they neutered characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to turn them into corporate icons, more or less they’re safer–they’re not shown with pistols or anything. [Marvel] gives them boy-related content.

We buy it.

Between Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Hilary Duff, Disney has had no problem getting little girls to cajole their parents into spend lots of money on movies, merchandise and music.

But boys — who spend about $50 billion each year — only make up 40% of the Disney Channel’s audience, and the company hasn’t had a merchandise hit among boys since Pixar’s Cars in 2006. 

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