Marvel shocked everyone by showing the first episode of Netflix's new superhero show 'Jessica Jones'

Me and another lucky few thousand people were in the right place at the right time during Comic Con Saturday night. After a full panel with the cast of “Daredevil,” and then the cast of Netflix’s new show “Jessica Jones,” they dropped the bomb that we were going to get to see the whole first episode.

Obviously the whole room erupted. We haven’t even seen a full trailer yet so this was a surprise.

The episode was a lot of fun, and very dark. That’s seems to be the tack that Marvel and Netflix have chosen to take with these new shows leading up to an ultimate meeting of a superhero group called The Defenders.

I loved it, and thought it felt very much in the same world as “Daredevil.” Dark and seedy, with an underlying humour that mostly just feeds the dark and seediness more. 

Jessica Jones is haunted by her past. And it’s that haunt that made this episode dark, spooky, and scary. At one point I was gripping my shirt and holding my breath to prepare for the spooky moment I knew was sure to come. That’s when you know it’s good.

But since we can’t get into the juicy plot details of the show, we’ll get into what the other lucky people in the room thought of this screening. I haven’t been able to find a single negative reaction on social media so far.

But mostly, everyone is obsessed with how dark this thing is:




DARK. But in my opinion, it wasn’t anything over the top or all that much darker than “Daredevil.” It’s notable, however, that that is the aspect most people are talking about.

And when they’re not talking about dark, they’re talking about it being awesome:




So take it from them, and take it from me. It’s awesome and you’re going to want a Netflix subscription when November 20 rolls around.


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