Marvel Nabs Mickey Rourke And Scarlett Johansson For "Iron Man 2"


Big day for Iron Man 2. First, Jon Favreau gives us a glimpse of Tony Stark’s new house. Then Nikki Finke reports that Marvel’s signed both Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson for their much-rumoured parts in the sequel.

Mickey will play a Russian villain in the film after his agent, ICM’s David Unger, got the studio to raise Rourke’s salary from what the two of them believed was an unacceptable $250,000. (We know he was nominated for an Oscar, but really, Mickey, you should just be glad you’re working again.)

Scarlett, meanwhile, will play the role of Black Widow, which isn’t much of a surprise since everyone and their blogging brother was reporting this rumour a few weeks ago. (Sorry, Eliza Dushku.) As expected, Emily Blunt, who was originally cast in the part, is pulling out because of a conflict with Fox’s Gulliver’s Travels. According to Nikki’s sources, though, Scarlett’s deal is nothing to brag about:

Unlike Mickey’s money, the deal for her is “just the opposite, a terrible deal made by CAA,” one of my insiders says. “It’s as bad as any deal that I’ve heard. It’s lowball money. And it ties her to countless movies, including that ensemble The Avengers, which is what makes this brutal for a lot of actors.”

Then again, if those movies do well, and there are a lot of them, Scarlett will have a steady paycheck and career.

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