Marvel fans think they know who the true villain of ‘WandaVision’ is after hints in latest episode

Quicksilver dropped several hints about who the real villain behind Westview could be. Disney Platform Distribution
  • Episode six of “WandaVision” has teased more clues as to what is really going in Westview.
  • Fans believe that hints dropped by Quicksilver could point to who the real villain of the series is.
  • Doctor Strange villains Nightmare and Mephisto are both being touted as the true villains.
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“WandaVision” keeps on dropping more crazy revelations and hints for future reveals with every episode.

In the latest episode, a “Malcolm in the Middle” inspired tale set in the 1990s, there are hints dropped all over the place about who could potentially be the real villain in the Disney Plus show. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Since Evan Peters’ return as Quicksilver in episode five, the character has had a few notable lines of dialogue in this latest sixth episode that fans think may have a deeper meaning to them.

In the Halloween-set episode, Quicksilver tells the Maximoff twins to “unleash hell, demon spawn” when they arrive at the Halloween party in the town square. This may seem like a throwaway line, but it is notable that the word “demon” is used.^tfw

One theory states that the villain behind all this is the classic Marvel comics villain Mephisto, who is essentially Marvel’s answer to the devil.

One fan also noticed another potential reference to Mephisto when Quicksilver calls Westview “charming as hell.”

In the comics, Mephisto is similar to Dormammu, the villain in the first “Doctor Strange” movie, but a little more powerful and full of tricks. He often makes dark deals with superheroes in the comics, including ones with Ghost Rider and Spider-Man.

One fan speculates that Wanda made a deal with Mephisto herself “to bring Vision back from the dead and help create a perfect life.”

Crucially, Mephisto actually helped to create Wanda’s children in the comics — Wanda drew on the demon villain to bring life to her kids. Later on, Mephisto eventually stole back that power, and her kids, too. This seems to tie in pretty well with “WandaVision,” so far. If Mephisto is the real villain, then he’s the one who created Westview, and therefore he’s the one who created Wanda’s twins.

Fans believe that Quicksilver, who conveniently showed up just as Vision was about to figure out what was going on in Westview, could be Mephisto in disguise. Clearly, Quicksilver knows a hell of a lot about what is going on himself, more than any other resident of Westview.

However, fans also think that the classic Doctor Strange villain Nightmare could be the real villain. The word “nightmare” itself is mentioned several times throughout the episode.

In the comics, Nightmare is the ruler of the Dream Dimension and his powers revolve around the psychic energies in people’s minds when they dream. And since the residents of Westview all seem to be in a strange, dreamlike state where Vision has to basically wake them up from the nightmare to see their true selves, that certainly fits in with the show.^tfw

Plus, Wanda is scheduled to appear in “Doctor Strange and Multiverse of Madness,” while “WandaVision” is said to directly tie into that movie, so a Doctor Strange villain appearing in the show would make perfect sense. Many fans are even expecting to see Benedict Cumberbatch pop up in the Disney Plus show as Doctor Strange.