Here’s A Guide To All The Hidden References In Marvel Movies

The Avengers shot, Marvel


As “Guardians of the Galaxy” flies into theatres this weekend, the film (which is getting rave reviews) adds another storyline to the ever-expanding Marvel cinematic universe.

As with its predecessors, it is sure to come with a bunch of easter eggs.

Much like Pixar, Disney’s Marvel Studios has been known to sneak in some hidden references that not only mention the other films in the series, but also give a quick wink to the original comic book material.

MTV News has put together an awesome video that explains every easter egg from all the Marvel films (with the exception of the latest two, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Guardians”).

The easter eggs all started in Marvel studios’ first film, 2008’s “Iron Man.”

For example, you can see a building for the Roxxon Corporation during the battle between Iron Man and the Iron Monger. Roxxon is a company that is an adversary to Tony Stark and who killed his parents in the comics.

Marvel egg, Iron Man, Roxxon

In 2008’s often forgotten about “The Incredible Hulk” the pizza place Bruce Banner goes to is called “Stanley’s” or “Stan Lee’s” an allusion to the famed Marvel comic creator.

Stanleys, egg, Marvel, Hulk

2011’s “Thor” was chock-full of hidden references, such as a shout out to Thor’s comic book alias “Donald Blake.”

Thor name, egg, Marvel, Thor

And more importantly, our first look at the “Infinity Gauntlet” a powerful glove that will play a huge role in the future of the films.

Infinity Gaunlet, egg, Marvel, Thor

For Captain America’s debut, 2011’s “Captain America: The First Avenger” the film alluded to the cover of 1941’s “Captain America #1” in which Cap knocks out Adolf Hitler.

Cap punch, marvel, comic, egg
Cap cover, egg, Marvel, Captain America

When Marvel’s universe came together for 2012’s mega-hit “The Avengers” there was a blink and you’ll miss it reference to Project PEGASUS — a research facility used by the heroes in the comics — in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s underground base.

Project Peg, egg, Marvel, Avengers

For the rest of Marvel’s easter eggs and hidden references, check out the full video below:

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