THE FUTURE IS HERE: Marty McFly 'Power Laces' Will Finally Become A Reality Next Year

The future is here. Well, almost.

Remember those “power laces” from “Back to the Future, Part II?” You know, the ones that automatically tighten? Thought so. Well, those are expected to become a reality next year.

We first saw the news on Sole Collector.

In 2011, Nike released a pair of Air Mag shoes designed after the ones from “Back to the Future, Part II.”

In the movie, Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, time travels all the way to 2015, rides a hoverboard, and rocks some sweet kicks with “power laces” that automatically tighten.

But the pair of shoes released in 2011 lacked the “power laces.” That’s all expected to change, according to famous Nike designer Tinker Hatfield.

“Are we gonna see power laces in 2015?,” Hatfield posited at the Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab space. “To that, I say YES!”

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