Martin Sharp, Master Of The Psychedelic, Leaves A Rich Pop Canvass

OZ magazine

Martin Sharp, the artist, underground cartoonist and film maker, has died aged 71.

Popular for his posters, Sharp was a central creative figure in the Oz magazines of both Sydney and London in the 1960s.

He also wrote, after a chance meeting in London with Eric Clapton, Tales of Brave Ulysses, a song on Cream’s second album Disraeli Gears.

In the early 1970s he established the Yellow House, a centre for pop art and all creative endeavors, in Sydney’s Kings Cross.

He is best known for his images of Luna Park, Tiny Tim and his Eternity series.

The Eternity theme

“I agree with Joseph Campbell who said that an artist’s job is to make visible the invisible,” Sharp said in an interview with the National Portrait Gallery.

See this Sydney Morning Herald interview with Sharp.

Martin Sharp’s Archibald Prize entry of actor David Gulpilil

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