Martin Scorsese's upcoming Netflix movie could become his most expensive film with a reported budget over $140 million

  • The budget for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Netflix mob film “The Irishman” is reportedly in the range of $US140 million and growing, according to Deadline.
  • The production costs have reportedly ballooned over the film’s use of special effects to de-age Robert De Niro in the titular role of mob hitman Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran.
  • If its budget continues to grow, “The Irishman” could surpass 2011’s “Hugo” as the most expensive film Scorsese has made.

Martin Scorsese appears to be taking full advantage of Netflix’s resources for his upcoming mob film, “The Irishman.”

Sources told Deadline the film’s production budget is in the range of $US140 million and growing, as the movie wraps principal photography and moves on to post-production.

As IndieWire notes, part of the reason the film’s budget has ballooned past its original $US100 million target is that Scorsese is utilising special effects to de-age Robert De Niro in his decades-spanning role as the mob hitman Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran.

“The Irishman” is based on the 2003 true-crime book “I Heard You Paint Houses” by Charles Brandt, in which Sheeran allegedly confessed to being involved in more than 25 hits for the mob, and to allegedly being involved in the death of mob boss Jimmy Hoffa.

Netflix stepped in to finance the film in February 2017 after Paramount Pictures reportedly withdrew from producing the movie over its anticipated special effects costs, according to Variety.

Deadline’s sources said Netflix has paid Scorsese “around $US10M and up to $US15M+” for his work on the film, which could also become the most expensive movie of the director’s career if its budget continues to grow.

Scorsese’s most expensive film thus far has been 2011’s “Hugo,” which had an estimated budget of over $US150 million and also heavily utilised special effects.

Netflix declined to comment to Deadline over the reported budget.

“The Irishman” is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2019.

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