More Bad News For The French: This Guy Is About To Become The EU’s Parliamentary President


Martin Schulz, a German Social Democrat, has been voted in as the next President of the EU’s Parliament, a development that may annoy France.

According to Deutsche-Welle, Schulz has had a scrappy history with the French. He once compared members of the French Socialist Party to pigeons stating, “When they are up, they crap on your face, and when they are down they eat from your hand.”

He’s not been exempt from criticism from the other end of France’s political spectrum either. The former French far-right leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen once had harsh words for the incoming president. “Mr Schulz has Lenin’s face and he speaks like Hitler,” Le Pen said. The comment came in 2009 when Schulz blocked Le Pen from presiding over the European parliament’s inaugral session.

Schulz will embark upon a 30-month term which will take his rule up to 2014.

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