Martin Parkinson Stays!

Then-Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott (2nd R) meets with the treasury secretary Martin Parkinson (2nd L) and finance secretary David Tune (L) on September 8, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.

Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson will stay on until at least November this year, after Joe Hockey asked the Prime Minister to extend his term.

Treasurer Hockey wants Parkinson — who headed the department under the Rudd-Gillard Labor government — to stay until after the G20 meeting in Brisbane.

According to The Australian, he was informed of the “request” last night, and has agreed to stay on.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said Parkinson should be replaced, given the different economic views held by the former Labor government and The Coalition, a move described as unprecedented by some commentators.

“You’ve got to understand that incoming governments do very much want to place their stamp on the economic policy of the country and that is exactly what we are doing,” Mr Abbott said two weeks ago.

“We are placing our stamp on the economic policy of the country and let there be no doubt, let there be no doubt, that Australia’s policy direction changed very substantially back in September of last year.”

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