IRISH PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I Know Nothing About That $50 Million Bank Robbery

Martin McGuinness

Sinn Fein

Martin McGuinness, former IRA leader and hopeful Irish Presidential candidate, has strongly denied he has any knowledge of 2004’s Northern Bank robbery in Belfast, one of the largest bank robberies in Irish and England.The Journal reports that McGunness made the denial on Newstalk’s ‘The Right Hook’ tv programme, saying clearly “I know absolutely nothing about the robbery at the Northern Bank”.

The raid in 2004 saw £26.5 million in various currencies stolen (at the time worth around $50 million).

It was widely speculated (despite Provisional IRA denials) that the money would be used as a pension fund for the IRA.

A later report suggested that McGuinness, as well as other senior Irish Republican politicians, must have played a role in sanctioning the robbery.

McGuinness, who admits to having formerly been a member of the IRA, says he renounced violence long ago. However, questions about his past are likely to be a central issue if he wants to become Irish president.

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