Martin Armstrong: The "Flash Crash" Was A WATERFALL Event Like The One That Preceded The Fall Of Rome

Martin Armstrong in Jail


The famous market philosopher Martin Armstrong, who is currently in prison in Ft. Dix New Jersey, has turned his attention to the “Flash Crash” of May 6, which he sees as a profound event.He describes the event as a waterfall — the opposite of a blowoff bubble top — that presages the start of a profound shift in the world economy.

He calls the “fat finger” or glitch theories nonsense, saying it’s all about Greece, and the global debt crisis.

The pundits got it all wrong, thinking that this is somehow an unusual fat finger error.

Waterfalls have been with us through the ages. The collapse of Roman Silver occurred before the collapse fo the Roman empire

This is a distinctly different pattern than other major peaks (such as the blowoff peak in Gold or the Nikkei)

The WATERFALL is far more devastating

The cause of the crisis: Greece.

This is not about the world coming to an end, as other doomsayers say.

And after capital rushes to America, it will rush out, leaving us in crisis.

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