Martin Armstrong: Is This The End Of Western civilisation?

Another must-read for Martin Armstrong fans, this time tackling the question of Western civilisation and its future.

Via Nathan’s Economic Edge

Subtitled, “Has Western Society Come to an End?” Armstrong presents some key historical figures who believe that nations/ societies have life cycles. He then goes on to discuss how our country came into being and how “We are now coming up on the cyclical turning point for THE USA. It is either an opportunity to make an advance in civilisation, or a collapse into self-interest and war. The choice is ours!”

Most who believe in economic cycles believe that we are destined to make the same types of errors as those who preceded us in history. In fact, much of Armstrong’s own writing counters his last sentence that “The choice is ours!” Everyone likes to believe they have some choice, some control, over events and indeed I believe that we do.

The Decline of the West–Has Western Society Come to an End 12!09

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