Business Advice, Sex Tips, And More From Martha Stewart's Reddit AMA

Martha Stewart participated in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” on Thursday and answered questions on business, tech, sex, and her time behind bars.

We’ve collected some of the highlights from the Q&A.

She talks gives advice on how to run a successful empire:

Tells us about the moment she realised she had made it:

She explains her brainstorming process:

And gives a hint as to what she’s working on next:

She might not be honest if you ask her what she thinks of your home:

She gave sex tips:

Alongside her three rules for hosting:

She wasn’t impressed with the food in prison:

And didn’t get a nickname from fellow inmates while she was locked up:

She reveals that she still uses a Blackberry and questions the authenticity of Ellen’s famous Oscar selfie:

You can check out the rest of Stewart’s comments here.

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