Martha Stewart Posted A Bunch Of Awesome Drone Photos Of Her Farm

Martha Stewart has posted some new photos of her Bedford, Conn. farm to her blog. They were taken with a drone flying 900 feet above the ground.

The 153-acre property — once known as “Cantitoe Farm” — was bought by Stewart over 12 years ago, and has a greenhouse, barn, garage, studio, and guest house, as well as horse paddocks and gardens.

“One of my security detail, Dominic Arena, recently purchased a DJI Phantom flying camera,” Stewart wrote on Martha: Up Close And Personal. “These drone-like, radio controlled aircraft are lots of fun to play with and they take extraordinary photos.”

They certainly do. Check out some of the best pictures below with amazing commentary from Martha herself.

“Dominic was up bright and early! Standing near the horse stables, he flew his drone high enough to take this breathtaking sunrise featuring the Cross River Reservoir.”

“This beautiful aerial shot of my home, which I call the Winter house (center), includes the flower room, carport and studio in the one long structure to the left, the Summer house to the far right, one of the horse paddocks and my beautiful peony garden in full bloom below.”

“I love the intersection of the four big horse paddocks and the way the fencing makes everything so architecturally pleasing,” she wrote. “The grass in these paddocks is cut very short, preventing too much rich grazing which causes the Freisians to get fat.”

This is Stewart’s gorgeous stable “block” with stable house, carriage house, and farm offices. “My Chow Chow, Ghenghis Khan, loves to play in the small paddock on the upper right, which is sectioned off from the large horse paddock by an electric fence. If you look closely, you can see Dominic near the gate in the boxwood allee.”

The property also has a flower garden, equipment shed, corn crib, hoop house, vegetable greenhouse, blueberry garden, hay barn, and greenhouse.

And since it’s Martha Stewart, of course the gardens are extremely well-organised.

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