Martha Stewart says she passed her time in jail making ceramics and jam out of the crab apple trees

Martha stewartDaily MailMartha Stewart (right) & Anne Shooter, UK Commercial Editor,

Back in 2004, media and TV personality Martha Stewart was sentenced to five months in jail for obstructing a federal securities investigation.

To pass the time during her incarceration, Stewart did what she does best: cooking and crafts.

Speaking at a Daily Mail brunch session at the Cannes Lions advertising festival on Thursday, Stewart said the food inside was around three years past its expiry date.

“That’s why I made jam out of the crab apples on the trees,” she added.

Aside from making jam, Stewart also turned her hand to ceramics. As a child she’d go to ceramic classes at the weekend, so she quickly signed up to a ceramics class in prison too, at a place called Alderson.

“You’re allowed to make three things in a year, I think, and I only had five months so I [made] an entire creche … the entire scene of the nativity … so I had many figures, something like 15 figures, and you’re only allowed to make three, but I persuaded them the whole nativity was one and they fell for it. You couldn’t just make three camels — you had to make everything,” Stewart said.

Stewart said she was “busy way into the night most nights” making the huge scene out of Wedgwood Drabwear — a tan colour pottery. She taught other prisoners ceramics, too.

Stewart sent it back home to her family: “I had to beg and borrow bubble wrap and boxes and things. I sent it all home and it arrived.”

The scene is brought out every year in the Stewart household: “Everyone wants the nativity, every Christmas and people always say: ‘Where did you get that from?’ My [prison] number’s on it, still!”

Stewart said her jail sentence did not impact the brand at all.

“The only thing that suffered was advertising pages in the magazine because some companies actually have stipulations that they can’t, I don’t know, it was a great magazine and they shouldn’t have ceased their advertising. But [the brand] did not suffer it at all. It was in good hands at that time and when I came out, the stock price was higher than when I had gone in,” Stewart said.

Now there is even a character in Netflix women’s prison series “Orange is the New Black” that is based on Martha Stewart. She hasn’t yet watched it, though.

Stewart very publicly on Wednesday night was also not aware of another entertainment figure too.

Whilst at the Daily Mail yacht party in Cannes, Stewart bumped into Kim Kardashian’s friend Jonathan Cheban. She tweeted a photo of him saying: “Do you know this guy?? He says he is well known”

Speaking the morning after, Stewart said: “I really didn’t know who he was … but he was a good sport.”

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