Martellus Bennett blasts NFL for creating an instructional video to show players how to celebrate

On Wednesday, Executive Vice President of the NFL Troy Vincent tweeted that the league is working on an instructional video to show players “clear examples of appropriate and inappropriate celebrations.”

The tweet wasn’t well-received, as players, media, and fans alike panned the NFL for spending time on such a trivial aspect of the game.

Green Bay Packers tight end Martellus Bennett, never one to hide his feelings, was particularly critical of the video, going on a tweet rant to express his displeasure.

Bennett argued that the league could better be spending its time and resources.

Bennett then criticised the NFL for investing in itself as opposed to the players, comparing it to the NBA, which he says invests and supports players.

Bennett continued, saying he’s already not looking forward to having to watch the video later in the year.

He also offered another idea for how the NFL could invest its resources.

Bennett wasn’t alone in his feelings. Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin also felt the NFL could do other things with its time, though he didn’t say it as colorfully as Bennett.

On Wednesday, Roger Goodell released a letter to fans saying the NFL is working on ways to improve the speed of the game, namely with stops in action and TV breaks. While the NFL has some new rules in place, they said they’re still considering other ways to improve the overall flow.

While that seems like a necessary tweak, few people seem to care as much about the celebration rules, the players least of all. 

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