Seahawks Player Who Was Fined $100,000 For Ducking The Media Gives Bizarre Press Conference Where He Only Says 'Yeah'

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch left the stadium without speaking to the media after last Sunday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The NFL slapped him with $US100,000 in fines¬† — $US50,000 for ducking the media after the Seahawks-Chiefs game, and another $US50,000 for ignoring a warning from the last time he refused to talk.

Following the Seahawks’ 19-3 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, Lynch accepted the NFL’s media policy and stuck around to speak with reporters, but answered every question with “yeah,” “no,” or “maybe,” regardless of the question.

Even if reporters asked questions that needed detailed answers, Lynch mostly only said, “Yeah.”

One reporter asks “How does [the Cardinals] defence compare to other defenses you’ve seen this year?”

Lynch: “Yeah.”

Later: “How important was it to keep the ball on the ground and run out the clock, especially in the fourth quarter when you know [the Cardinals] are so good in the fourth quarter?”

Lynch: “Yeah.”

Seahawks beat writer Gregg Bell posted a list of Lynch’s responses during the session, showing Lynch used just 50 words to answer 22 questions.

¬†Lynch does break his silence at one point, but it wasn’t to answer a reporter’s question about dealing with an injury. Lynch responds, “I got a foundation dinner at the Edgewater on December 14th to help benefit the inner-city youth out in Oakland to try and raise a youth center. So, yeah.”

Lynch obeyed the media policy, even if he did so begrudgingly and will likely avoid another fine. Watch the bizarre interview below:

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