Marshawn Lynch Flattens A Defender In A Candidate For Touchdown Run Of The Year

The Seattle Seahawks continued their recent dominance Sunday, beating the Arizona Cardinals 35-6.

Early in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks used their most dangerous offensive weapon, Marshawn Lynch, in what some are calling the run of the year.

Lynch took the ball at Seattle’s own 16-yard line, and managed to zig zag through the Cardinals’ defensive line to break free into the open field:

As soon as Lynch got free, that’s where he showed off what makes him one of the NFL’s best running backs: his speed, agility, and power.

As the defence starts to choke off Lynch’s run, he shoves the Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson out of bounds and then flattens Rashad Johnson.

Lynch’s demolition of the Cardinals’ defenders and touchdown celebration quickly became a popular Vine:

The Seahawks moved into first place in the NFC West, and Lynch’s 113 yards and 2 touchdowns were a big reason why.

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