Curiosity Rover Takes An Adorable Self-Portrait

Curiosity isn’t just a hunk of metal. The $2.5-billion NASA rover is a she with an energetic (and honestly adorable) personality conveyed through a Twitter account that has nearly 900,000 followers.  

For the past few days Curiosity has been very busy snapping photos of her new Martian home and sharing them with her earthling fans. And now that the rover’s nearly 4-foot-tall mast equipped with high-resolution cameras has been raised, the robot has even turned the spotlight on her one-ton, six-wheeled-self.  

Curiosity’s navigation cameras on the mast took pictures all the way around the rover and stitched these images together to get the self-portrait below. It’s not perfect (NASA calls it “Picasso-like“), but still very cool. 


Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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