The Mars Rover Curiosity Cost Each American $8

Curiosity Mars Rover


Amy Shira Teitel has a great blog post up over at Vintage Science, about how much NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity actually cost us. We throw the $2.5 Billion figure around a lot, but here are a few realistic comparisons, from Teitel’s piece:

  • Curiosity’s landing coincided with this year’s summer Olympics held in London, which had a $14.5 billion (in US dollars) price tag.
  • According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent upwards of $17.6 billion celebrating the holiday in 2012 – that’s enough, in one year, for seven Curiosity-type missions.
  • Curiosity, over the full 9 years, cost every American just $8.
  • In 2007, $3 billion of that amount was spent on homeopathy. That’s right: in one year Americans spent more on homeopathy than Curiosity cost over nine years.
  • In 2011, the US spent $878.5 billion on defence; NASA got less than $19.3 billion.
  • The total costs of both wars allocated by Congress in the last 10 years is $1.38 trillion; $807.4 billion in Iraq and $570.9 billion in Afghanistan.

Read Teitel’s piece here. Here’s the latest Curiosity news:

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