Marriott Asks Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Bill

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Marriott sent a letter to Ariz. Governor Jan Brewer (R) Monday asking her to veto SB 1062, a controversial bill that would allow businesses to deny service to lesbian and gay customers.

The letter, a portion of which was posted on Twitter by Buzzfeed’s Chris Geidner, was co-authored by Marriott’s Arizona area vice president Steve Hart and director of government affairs Thomas Maloney. In it, they urged Brewer to exercise her veto power in connection with SB 1062 on the grounds that it “would have profound negative impacts on the hospitality industry in Arizona and on the state’s overall economic climate for years to come.” Marriott provided Business Insider with a copy of the full letter, which cited concerns about “public perceptions” that could discourage travellers from visiting Arizona if the bill is not vetoed.

“While we have still not returned to pre-2008 occupancy and revenue levels, our Arizona properties have seen a slow and steady recovery in both leisure and business stays since the end of the recession,” the letter said. “We have serious concerns that passage of SB 1062 would undermine — or worse, counteract — that progress. This legislation has the potential to subject our state to travel boycotts.”

The letter closed by saying Marriott would “continue to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation” at its hotels in Arizona whether or not SB 1062 goes into effect. Both of Arizona’s representatives in the U.S. Senate, Sen. John McCain (R) and Sen. Jeff Flake (R), have also asked Brewer to veto the bill.

View the letter below.