Someone Has Sent A Marriage Proposal To 'Michelle' On Secret, The New Anonymous Gossip App

Someone has used Secret, the new anonymous confessions/gossip app to propose to a woman named “Michelle.” Users of the app — one of the most-talked about in Silicon Valley — are waiting breathlessly for word on whether she says yes.

The obvious caveat here is that Secret is filled with lies and fakes — so it may all just be a joke.

The post has received 20 comments and more than 800 “likes” so far. “Suspense is killing me,” says one. “Omg do it and update the thread!” says another.

Secret works by showing users only posts that come from people on their contacts list or friends of those friends. All the comments are posted completely anonymously, and unless a user calls out their own identity specifically there is no way to tell who is saying what.

And of course users can claim to be other people, and there is no way to figure out what is real and what is not.

Thus Secret has already filled up with a fair amount of narcissism and lies.

Nonetheless, we’d really like to know if Michelle says yes!

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