Meet The Occupy Wall Street Dominatrix Who Protested Outside JPMorgan Today

So this happened outside JPMorgan’s headquarters in New York today… 

Bank Reform Bitch, dominatrixThis is Marni Halasa, a performance artist who moonlights as the ‘Bank Reform Bitch,’ an Occupy Wall Street dominatrix character. Her mission is to spread the message that ‘naughty bankers’ should be ‘seriously spanked.’
Bank Reform Bitch, dominatrixShe appeared this morning in front of JPMorgan’s 270 Park Avenue offices to protest the shareholder vote over whether or not to split Jamie Dimon’s role as CEO/Chairman at today’s meeting in Tampa, Fla.
Bank Reform Bitch, dominatrixShe told us that people seemed to enjoy her performance. ‘Let me tell you something…No one is really a fan of the megabanks. There are numerous bankers who came out of 270 Park and took my photo, gave me a thumbs up and a nod of approval,’ she said in an email to us.

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