A UFC fighter won a $50,000 performance bonus with an incredible guillotine choke despite having 'bad diarrhoea' all week

  • Marlon Moraes celebrated two wins last week.
  • Not only did he defeat Raphael Assunção at UFC Fight Night 144 on Saturday, he also beat “really bad” diarrhoea during the week.
  • Moraes was tempted to postpone the fight because of how ill he was, but the show went on and he submitted Assunção in style.
  • He will leapfrog Assunção in the UFC’s bantamweight rankings, and could end up challenging TJ Dillashaw for the world title later this year.

A UFC fighter overcame “bad diarrhoea” throughout the week to topple his opponent in style on Saturday.

Marlon Moraes, a 30-year-old bantamweight from Nova Friburgo in Brazil, stomped to a first round submission win over Raphael Assunção at UFC Fight Night 144 in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The stoppage win extends a daunting run, as Moraes has now put together three “performance of the night” victories in a row.

But he almost had to cancel his fight on Saturday as he had been ill all week.

“You almost lost the main event,” Moraes told UFC commentator and former champion Michael Bisping in the middle of the Octagon after his win. “I had diarrhoea all week, bad.”

Through a translator, he added: “It was a very tough week for me.”

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Ultimately, the illness wasn’t bad enough for Moraes to postpone his bout, and he made quick work of Assunção, stunning him with ground-and-pound and finishing him with a guillotine choke.

Watch some of the fight’s highlights right here:

Or here, if you are in a different region:

The win was so good that it won him the UFC’s $US50,000 bonus for the “Performance of the Night.”

With victory, Moraes will now leapfrog third place Assunção in the UFC’s official bantamweight rankings and could soon challenge TJ Dillashaw for the world title.

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