The Miami Marlins Might Spend $400 Million On Two MLB Stars

Albert Pujols Jose Reyes

[credit provider=”AP Images”]

The Marlins are getting a new stadium, new uniforms, a new name, and now they are going after two of the biggest free agents to complete their off-season overhaul.The first piece to be added could be shortstop Jose Reyes, who according to one source is “almost a done deal” for the Marlins. But the biggest prize could be Albert Pujols. According to Matthew Leach of, Pujols is scheduled to meet with the Marlins brass sometime in the next few days.

And if the Marlins do want to add both players, it could cost them nearly $400 million.

Last winter, Pujols reportedly wanted a 10-year, $230 million contract and rejected a nine-year, $195 million offer from the St. Louis Cardinals. And Reyes is reportedly seeking a deal similar to the one signed by Carl Crawford (7-years, $142M).