SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: This Is Not The First Time The Marlins Gutted Their Payroll

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The Marlins opened the 2012 season with a $118.1 million payroll, by far the largest in the history of the franchise. But after trading several high-priced players in the last few months, including a mega-deal with the Blue Jays yesterday, their 2013 payroll is now projected to be approximately $35 million according to

Assuming they don’t trade any more players or add any high-priced players via free agency, that would be a drop in payroll of ~70%. But as we can see below, sudden drops in payroll are nothing new for the Marlins, who have cut payroll at least 30% in five of the last 16 seasons.

In other words, it is just the Marlins being the Marlins…

Marlins payroll

Data via 2013 data is estimated.

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