Markets Tired With An Hour To Go

Today hasn’t been a very exciting day in equities. Low volume has kept the indices around the break even point, which is where all three lie right now. Perhaps the S&P 500 is doing well sitting at 1110, up a whopping tenth of a per cent.

Shares of Millipore (MIL) remain up 20% at $85.70 despite the company’s claims that the Thermo Fisher’s $6 billion takeover bid is nothing but a rumour.

Oil has finally broken the $80 level, up $0.35 to $80.16 a barrel.

Gold continues to decline, down $6.00 to $1116 an ounce. Silver is down $0.15 to $16.29.

Metals, soft goods and meats all performing poorly. Grains are showing positive signs.


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