SURGE: Markets Make Instant Comeback After Lawmakers Use Words Like 'Constructive' After Fiscal Cliff Meeting

Senate and House leaders just emerged from their first official Fiscal Cliff talks with the president.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell all made brief remarks at the microphone outside the meeting

Their tone was definitely conciliatory (to use the buzzword of the day) and they used words like “constructive.”

Boehner sounded especially optimistic:

“I outlined a framework that deals with reforming our tax code and reforming our spending. I believe that the framework that I outlined our meeting today is consistent with the president’s call for a fair and balanced approach. To show our seriousness we put revenue on the table as long as it’s accompanied by significant espending cuts.”

“And while we’re going to continue to have revenue on the table it’s going to be incumbent on my colleagues to show the American people that we’re serious about cutting spending and solving our fiscal dilemma. I believe we can do this and avert the fiscal cliff that is right in front of us today.”

Look how markets spiked the instant their commentary came through.


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