Markets Pro Greg McKenna Joins Business Insider Australia

Greg McKenna is joining Business Insider Australia as its Economics and Markets Correspondent.

Greg will be writing live news and commentary on financial markets, in which he has been an active participant since starting in the Westpac Sydney dealing room in 1998 when he was 19.

Greg McKennaGreg McKenna

Over the course of the past 25 years Greg has been an interest rate trader and an interest rate, bond, and forex portfolio manager, with many billions of assets in his portfolios. He was Australia’s first full-time currency strategist at Westpac and Head of Currency Strategy at National Australia Bank.

He holds a Masters in Applied Finance and most recently was Treasurer of Newcastle Permanent Building Society.

He is now a financial consultant running his boutique advisory business Lighthouse Securities and his foreign exchange and trading education site

Greg is also a Director of The Police Bank Limited, a committed member of the Mutual Banking Industry family and a consultant to MARQServices which provides independent risk assessment infrastructure for the Australian mortgage funding markets.

Greg’s interests include democratizing the flow of economic and market information between professional and retail investors.

He holds positions in currency trading and these will be disclosed. He is currently short the AUD.

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