Volkswagen's wild ride continues

European stock markets have opened mixed this morning, but the big story is still Volkswagen.

The German car maker’s shares have been bouncing around all over the place since it emerged that Volkswagen had been juicing the emission numbers of its diesel cars in the US.

This morning VW has opened up 4.7%. That follows the resignation of CEO Martin Winterkorn late yesterday afternoon.

But as you can see from the above graph, which covers just the last 24 hours or so, VW bouncing now is no indication of what it will do later in the day.

The V shape in the share graph shows where VW’s share price cratered yesterday morning, only to come roaring back again.

Meanwhile, the rest of Europe is pretty mixed:

UK FTSE 100: -0.14%

German DAX: +0.28%

French CAC 40: -0.11%

Euro Stoxx 50: -0.55%

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