Here Comes A Horrendous U.S. Trading Day After Stocks Smashed Globally

Update 6:46 AM ET: Dow futures are now of 215. All indices pointing downo ver 2%.

Original post: Stocks have been hammered around the world. Britain’s FTSE is down 2.9% while Germany’s DAX and France’s CAC 40 have fallen 2.8% and 3.4% respectively. The euro is tanking.

Asia has been rattled by North Korea conflict fears, with Japan’s Nikkei down 3%, Hong Kong’s Hang Send down 2.9%, and China’s CSI 300 down 2.1%. Korea’s KOSPI has recovered somewhat from an earlier 3.3% drop, but is still down 2.7%.


Australia is down 3%, and MSCI Asia’s Apex 50 is down 3.4% as a whole.

Gold is slightly weaker, at $1,189 while the dollar index (DXY) is rising again, at 87.12. Oil has fallen further, hitting $68.2 for light sweet crude.

Futures are pointing to an ugly U.S. open, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq down 2% and 1.75% each:

UPDATE: Futures now off by even more:


From FinViz:


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