Markets Are Skyrocketing Right Now After An Extremely Busy Morning

Rocket China

It’s been quite a morning, so let’s do a quick update.

First on the news:

  • The GM IPO came to market at just above $35 and is hanging around right there.
  • There’s still no Ireland bailout despite chatter earlier in the day.
  • Initial jobless claims came in just ahead of expectations.
  • Steven Rattner is facing a lawsuit from Andrew Cuomo is seeking a lifetime ban against Steven Rattner.
  • And most importantly, the Philly-Fed index was incredibly strong. Click here for details. 

Now as for markets, they’re off to a blistering start, with the major indices all up over 1.7%, and commodities rebounding sharply.

Just one note, although they’re up on the day, gold and silver actually slipped a bit.

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