STUDY: Brands Really Do Matter

In a recent story that appeared in The Economist, two researchers examined people’s reactions to consumers who were wearing clothes made by two well-known brands. 

Here are some of the reults:

  • In the first experiment, volunteers were shown pictures of a man wearing a polo shirt – When a man was wearing a designer logo he appeared to have a higher status and wealthier than the man without a logo
  • 52% of people agreed to take a survey when someone wearing a logo asked them to take a survey – only 13% did for the identical sweater without a logo.  
  • Even charity – “When two of the team’s women went collecting for charity on four consecutive evenings, switching between designer and non-designer shirts, they found that wearing shirts with logos brought in nearly twice as much—on average 48 cents per answered door compared with 27 cents when logo-less.”

It goes on and on… but this shows exactly and precisely why brands matter. The power of marketing and Public Relations campaigns is our ability to make you that much more successful. The right brand recognition simply makes you more money and more success – so call your PR agency, marketing partners and street team and give them a raise.