European Stocks Are Climbing A Little On The Last Day Of The Year

London on New Years EveShutterstockBig Ben, London, on New Year’s Eve 2013.

European markets are up a little this morning, on the last day of the year. They’re all closed tomorrow for New Year’s Day. 

Here’s the scorecard: 

France’s CAC 40: +0.54%, up 2.4% in 2014

Germany’s DAX: Closed, up 2.65% in 2014

UK’s FTSE 100: +0.31%, up 1% in 2014

Spain’s IBEX: +0.10%, up 8.6% in 2014

Italy’s FTSE MIB: Closed, up 3% in 2014

Asian markets closed mixed. Japan’s Nikkei closed down 1.57%, ending the year 8.91% higher than it began in January 2014. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng closed up 0.44%, 5.31% higher than it was in January. China’s Shanghai Composite is up another 2.18%, rising by 57.95% in 2014.

US futures are ticking a little higher. The Dow is currently up 20 points, while the S&P 500 is four points higher than Tuesday’s close. 

It’s a light day for economic data, but US figures on official jobless claims in the week to December 19 are out at 1.30 p.m. GMT. Economists are expecting 290,000 initial applications for unemployment benefits.

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