Market Top Alert: Silicon Alley's Bright Young Things Splashed Across Glossy Magazine

We’re used to seeing iminlikewithyou‘s Charles Forman in a (very tight) t-shirt; Vimeo/Normative‘s Jakob Lodwick is best known for going topless (and/or with bong). So what could get these two dudes into suits and ties? An Esquire photo spread.

We first saw these images last night, and spent part of the morning trying to confirm if they were real — we wouldn’t put it past either guy to gin up an elaborate photoshop prank designed to snare the likes of…us, we guess. But nope, they’re in the magazine’s next issue, surrounded by the following worthies, all of whom are wearing suits that start-up guys generally can’t afford:

Jordan Goldberg

Mike Hudack

Dwight Lee

Matthew Rosenberg

Ron Yekutiel

Steve Spurgat

Certain observers are likely to note that none of these young men work in Silicon Valley; instead, they’re all within driving distance of Esquire’s offices in the Hearst building in midtown. To which we say: You’re right! And don’t they look sharp?

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