DOW FUTURES DIVE: There could be further losses to come in US stocks

Getty/ Spencer Platt

It looks like the sell-off in US stocks may have further to run yet.

Dow futures have plunged in the Asian trading session and were down over 500 points a short time ago, according to data from

This represents a further 2.5% fall after the plunge of more than 1100 points yesterday, which was the biggest single-day points drop in the history of the index.

Here’s the chart showing the Dow futures movement in Asia trade.

The market carnage extended into Asian equity markets on Tuesday, with Japan’s Nikkei 225 down 5.5%, Australia’s ASX down 3%, and China’s benchmark Shanghai Composite down 2%.

Asian markets will start to close over the coming four hours, and focus will then shift to European markets before Wall Street re-opens.

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