The Weekend Is Over And Stocks Are Up Everywhere

Horses and motorcyclesREUTERS/Arnd WiegmannA motorcyclist rides past a traditional stagecoach on the St. Gotthard mountain pass road August 8, 2014. The stagecoach is used for tourist excursions over the St. Gotthard mountain pass in Switzerland.

The weekend is over and stocks are up everywhere despite more ugly news out of Iraq.

The ASX was up 0.6% a short time ago. Japan’s Nikkei opened up 1.7%. Korea’s Kospi index was 0.7% higher. U.S. futures were up about 0.2%.

Another quieter August week in econ data, though we remain in heart of earnings season with Priceline, Deere, Tribune Company and Macy’s among others all reporting.

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