Mark Zuckerberg's True Sins Aren't In The Social Network

Mark Zuckerberg

Photo: Carlo Nicora

The hit movie about Facebook’s founding, The Social Network, is an act of cold-blooded revenge meant to make Mark Zuckerberg look bad.The movie is based on a book that was sourced to an ineffective cofounder Facebook Mark Zuckerberg booted from the company.

I went on G4’s Attack of the Show last night to discuss the fact.

At the end of the show, they asked me: Will this movie damage Mark and Facebook’s reputation in the long run?

The answer, I realised, is no.

In fact, the movie does Mark a huge favour.

First, it immortalises him in an Oscar-worthy film that makes him this generation’s Bud Fox. Then, the movie leaves out Mark’s true sins from back when he was 19…

  • The time he broke into a Facebook user’s private, non-Facebook email account using that users Facebook data.
  • The time he hacked into a Facebook-rival’s servers and deactivated user accounts.

We imagine those indiscretions would have disturbed movie-audiences way more than Mark’s hardball tactics against Eduardo Saverin – a cofounder who couldn’t be bothered to move to the same coast as the Facebook’s HQ and ended up a billionaire anyway.

Here’s the segment from G4:

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