Mark Zuckerberg's Meltdown Hoodie – Yours For Just $2,550

Mark Zuckerberg takes off his hoodie at D8

Photo: All Things D

A hoodie just like Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie – the one that, along with some tough questions, led to a meltdown on stage at the D Conference last week – is on sale at eBay.Sam Gustin at AOL’s Daily Finance noticed the auction this morning.

After 44 bids, the hoodie’s price is up to $2,550. The seller, eBay user “FBhoodie,” says he or she will donate 15% of the sale price to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. That in itself is kind of funny, because the EFF is one of those privacy watchdogs that has hounded Facebook and Mark so much of late.

Last week, SF Weekly decontrustructed the emblem inside The Hoodie. Alexia Tsotsis wrote:

  • The bi-directional arrows indicate that each part generates inbound and outbound sharing;
  • The labels on the arrows — GRAPH, here represented by the “friend requests” icon, STREAM, represented by the “messages” icon and PLATFORM, represented by the “notifications” icon — represent the three prongs of Facebook’s strategy for 2010, as revealed at F8 conference;
  • The blue ring is the interface or Facebook’s wall around user data — the permeability of which remains a major point of controversy;
  • The motto on the upper half of the blue ring,”Making the world more open and connected” is, according to Zuckerberg, Facebook’s obviously unofficial “Mission Statement.”

Here's Mark wearing, and taking off his hoodie at D8

What's under Mark's hoodie was just one thing we learned from his D8 interview…

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