Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Belts Out “Son Of A Preacher Man” While Scoble Dances And Eric Schmidt Leaves

Randi Zuckerberg singing
Randi at another gig.

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I didn’t make it to two of the Davos parties I was supposed to go to last night, which meant that I only made it to six.I got to the last one at about 1:20am. It was in the piano bar of the Europa hotel, which is the go-to spot for impromptu late-night drinking and singing.

Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi had been kind enough to invite me, and she had also suggested that she might be doing some singing. That was a draw. Anytime you have a chance to hear Randi Zuckerberg sing, take it.

Anyway, when I hoofed up the steps at 1:20, the place was jammed. If there was a “piano” in the bar, it was obscured by the hundreds of people in front of it.

There seemed to be a sort of stage at the back of the room, though.

And Randi was on it, singing.

And Robert Scoble was on it, too. Dancing.

Between bars, Randi kept offering Scoble the microphone, so he could sing, too, make it a duet.

Scoble didn’t sing. He just danced.

Randi was singing “Son of a Preacher Man,” one of my favourite songs, and she was killing it (in the good way).

So I pushed the red button on my iPhone.

I was way in the back, and the video and sound are total crap (see below). But it will give you a taste of the bash at the Europa last night.

And you might also enjoy Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s startling cameo!

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Video by Henry Blodget