Mark Zuckerberg's New $7 Million House [PHOTOS]

zuckerberg house

Photo: Illustration by Business Insider

Mark Zuckerberg has finally bought his own house in Silicon Valley.We have photos of what we think is his house based on a tip we got.

He reportedly paid $7 million for the five bedroom, five bathroom home. A steep price, considering one brochure we saw for the house listed the price at a million dollars less than that.

The house itself is really pretty. It’s not some hideous McMansion. It has a good porch, big windows, and a great big yard for his doggie to play in.

Compared to the home he could buy with all his money, it’s actually quite modest.

Here's the back. Large yard and pool

Walking up to the front door

Will Zuckerberg get a piano for his home?

A nice back area for late night fires and hang outs

Nice and sunny for meals with friends and family

A lovely fireplace

Sun room for reading

An office for Zuckerberg to plot world domination

A dining room

A bathroom with two sinks

This room is probably getting a make over from Zuckerberg

Another, fancier bathroom

A view of the backyard

The large porch space

A pretty arch

Inside the kitchen where Chef Zuck can deliver culinary treats

Who is this house REALLY for?

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