Mark Zuckerberg's Freshman Roommate Will Be In The Olympics

zuckerberg freshman youngZuckerberg with his four freshman-year roommates. Laine is on the far right.

Photo: Bloomberg via Harvard

In 2002, Samyr Laine and Mark Zuckerberg shared a freshman year dorm, Straus Hall room D11, at Harvard University.Unlike his nerdier counterpart, Laine was an athlete, and he’ll be competing in the London Olympics for Haiti, his nation of origin, Bloomberg reports.

Laine’s will be competing in the triple jump; he holds two Harvard records in the event.

Of his days with Zuckerberg, Laine says they “had a good time” and played a lot of PlayStation.

Although neither slept much, Laine says no one got less sleep than Zuckerberg. Laine was the 14th person to sign up for Facebook; Zuckerberg invited him.

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