It Turns Out Another Major Tech CEO Was At The Fateful Meeting Of Mark Zuckerberg And Sean Parker

Travis kalanick sean parker mark zuckerberg the social networkBusiness Insider/Mike NudelmanTravis Kalanick took Mark Zuckerberg out to a NYC club after his meeting with Sean Parker. (This image has been photoshopped)

Remember that scene from The Social Network, when Mark Zuckerberg first meets Sean Parker? And Parker tells him to drop “the” and says $US1 billion is cooler than $US1 million?

It turns out another big-time entrepreneur was present that evening, Business Insider has learned. That person was Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Kalanick wasn’t at the dinner with Parker and Zuckerberg, but the pair met up with him after in New York. Kalanick and Parker were hanging out a lot back then. Kalanick was running a startup, Red Swoosh, which he’d later sell for about $US23 million. Uber is now worth more than $US3 billion.

Kalanick and Parker may have known each other from their Scour-Napster days. Kalanick’s first startup, Scour, was a file-sharing company for movies, music and more that preceded Napster by about 18 months. One of Napster’s co-founders, Shawn Fanning, was an early Scour user. Sean Parker co-founded Napster with Fanning.

After that famous Parker-Zuckerberg dinner, Kalanick took Zuckerberg out to a club. Parker didn’t go with them, but Zuckerberg’s time with Kalanick ended up being a novel experience for the young CEO of Facebook.

For more on Kalanick, check out his epic entrepreneurial tale here.

Here’s the scene from The Social Network, below:

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