Mark Zuckerberg's posts about fake news were deleted from Facebook 'by mistake'

Two lengthy posts by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about fake news and the U.S. presidential election temporarily vanished from Zuckerberg’s Facebook page on Tuesday before reappearing later in the day.

A Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider that both posts were deleted “by mistake” and that Zuckerberg “stands by the words in his posts.”

As first noticed by The Verge, one of the missing posts was a November 12 post by Zuckerberg that included his reaction to the U.S. presidential election and Facebook’s role in spreading hoax stories that some observers believe may have helped President Elect Donald Trump win the election.

The second post on November 19 outlined steps the social network is taking to battle the distribution of “misinformation,” which many have accused it of handling with negligence in the months leading up to the election.

Both posts are now visible again on Facebook.

“These posts were removed by mistake,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “This was caused by an error in one of our systems and the posts have now been restored. Mark’s account was not compromised, and he stands behind the words in his posts.”

It’s worth noting that Facebook has suffered from some major bugs recently, including one earlier this month that briefly affected Facebook user profiles, including Zuckerberg’s, and incorrectly stated that the users were dead.

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