Mark Zuckerberg's Ex-Harvard Classmate Won't Drop His 'Social Network' Fight

justin timberlake jesse eisenberg the social networkThe Social Network.

An ex-classmate of Mark Zuckerberg who claimed the Facebook creator stole his networking idea is also waging a legal battle over his exclusion from the movie “The Social Network.”Facebook enemy Aaron Greenspan is asking a federal appeals court to revive his case against Columbia Pictures, Above the Law reported Monday.

Greenspan accused the studio of “defamation by omission,” or suggesting he wasn’t an important part of Facebook’s development by leaving him out of the film, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

Greenspan settled a legal fight in 2009 with Zuckerberg himself, claiming the now-billionaire stole the trademark for Facebook after the two had discussed launching a site called “the Facebook” in 2003.

In addition to his fight over “The Social Network,” Greenspan is also battling with Facebook over Greenspan’s trademark for a product called “Facemail,” which uses face-recognition technology.

“Yes, we settled [an earlier suit] in 2009, but that doesn’t mean their lawyers will leave me alone,” Greenspan said in an email to Above the Law. “They’re still insisting that they have exclusive rights to the word FACE.”

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